Saturday, 27 June 2015

Make up Revolution Blushers Review -Vivid Blush Lacquar and The One Fluid Blusher

These two blushers from Makeup Revolution are so pigmented they really do pack a punch.
The first is Makeup Revolution's Vivid Blush Lacquar in O'Boy which is a bright pink.  The consistency is a thick and slightly creamy liquid which blends really easily. While I sometimes use a bright pink powder blusher, in a blush lacquer form the colour has much more impact and is easy to overdo. I always have a foundation brush or sponge to go over areas if it's too much. This would suit most skin tones. The blusher is is packaged in an air tight pump dispenser and while it looks on the small size you really don't need much just a third of a pea size. Just be careful when pressing the nozzle too hard so it doesn't dispense too much. Also if the blush hasn't been used in a while, dried product can block the nozzle so you may need a clean pin to unblock it. These packaging issues aside I really like these. I've tried various brushes to apply these the best were Bobbi Brown's foundation brush and the Zoeva 122 petit stippling brush.  This blush dries fairly quickly (if you use a small amount) but with enough time to blend them. Once sets the blush is long wearing and lasts all day . It dries to a matte finish but once blended it looks pretty natural on the face. I really recommend these vivid blush lacquers, they're pigmented, longwearing and extremely good value for money, I just wish they'd expand the colour range as currently there are only 4 shades in the range. For swatches of Desire and Heart see here. These are on sale for £1 at Makeup Revolution grab it while you can!

The One Fluid Blusher in Desire is a raspberry colour with subtle gold shimmer through it, though the shimmer isn't very noticeable once it's on the skin. It's actually brighter than I expected but gives a surprisingly natural look- a snow white blush, at least on medium skin tones. These liquid blushes also contain vitamin E and Jojoba, both of which are good for the skin. Make up Revolution say that this doesn't clog pores which is true, I've had no issues. The smell is very neutral and there's no artificial, heavy chemical scent some products have. The One Fluid Blusher has to be shaken before use to mix the silicon and pigment together. Then apply a drop on the back of your hand, dip a finger in and rub and blend on your cheek. Because of the bottle design and because I'm not used to using liquid blushes, I often pour out too much and it drips off my fingers, so I recommend applying this over a sink. Using a brush would be better but I haven't found the right one. I reckon if you have Daniel Sandler's Watercolour blush brush in your arsenal to use that. Also as long as the bottle is shaken before use this can be used on bare skin as well. This does tend to fade towards the end of the day after 7 hours or so, I didn't find it as  longwearing as the Vivid blush lacquers. However I love the colour and it's cheaper and better value for money than Benefit Benetint in my opinion. It's currently on sale for £1.50 at Makeup Revolution online!


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